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2022 has certainly been an eventful year

We have lost a Queen, gained a King and had three Prime Ministers in Downing Street. We’re not going to forget it anytime soon. It has been a struggle for many businesses but 2023 is a new year with a new outcome.

The past year saw many problems

Inflation, war in Ukraine and the repercussions of Covid-19, the rise of terrorism in Afghanistan, the threat of Nuclear War. The list is seemingly endless. However, there were some good things to come out of 2022.

However, there were some good things to come out of 2022

Mini forests are springing up around the UK, more than 25 countries banded together to make deforestation pledges, a wild bison was born in the UK for the first time in thousands of years and electric cars have seen a drop in prices. Businesses have learnt to be resilient and adapt, and it is more important than ever to be careful with our money.

Wrkspace in 2022

In the past year, we opened two new sites. No3 Fulwood in Preston and St Peter’s House in Bolton. Both of these still have some availability (for more info email We have supported several charities like Macmillan Cancer Support and The Foxton Centre and we have worked with our clients to ensure we are offering the best service possible.

Hello, 2023

There’s so much to look forward to next year!

  • The coronation of King Charles III will result in an extra bank holiday (which means there a THREE bank holidays in one month) this means there will be a grand total of 11 bank holidays next year.
  • The recession is due to end in summer of next year
  • House prices are expected to fall by at least 10%
  • The Six Nations in February will provide great entertainment
  • The FA Cup Final will be on the 3rd June

So, although it may seem bleak at the moment, remember Christmas is around the corner and 2023 is looking a lot more promising.

The New Year provides a new start for your company. How will you use it? 



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