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Blog / Could we be heading for a four-day work-week?

Researchers around the globe have found that a 4-day workweek could be the way forward. We are inclined to agree.

The History of Weekends
The typical Saturday-Sunday 48-hour weekend has only been around since the 1930s. Originally, Sundays were the only day off given due to it being a Day of Rest. However, in the late 19th century, workers in the North of England mutually agreed to work harder between Tuesday and Saturday morning so they could have Saturday afternoon and Monday off. This was agreed, in return of increased productivity. Fortunately for us, this worked well and there were clear signs of a more enthusiastic workforce. Henry Ford then decided to give his staff Saturdays and Sundays off, which is now the work week we all know today.

The Pandemic
As we are all aware by now, the pandemic has shifted many things. One of them is the way we work. Hybrid and flexible working are now normal, things that some people could only dream of before Covid happened. And now, people are trying to make the 4-day week normal too.

How it would work
According to studies, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are office days. Offices are shown to be used 23% more on these days than Mondays and Fridays. So, by having Fridays off, employees would still be in the office for the same amount of time. If anything, they may come into the office more by choosing to spend all four days they work in the office. Researchers are saying that by giving their employees an extra day off every week and paying them the same amount, employers could reap the rewards.

The Benefits
• Trials have taken place around the world to see whether the 4-day working week could be beneficial
• Studies have seen an improvement in the mental health of workers, and a lower likelihood of burnout
• Productiveness increased across the board as employees were seen to get just as much work done, due to having more energy and enthusiasm
• Improved work-life balance for employees
• Lower stress levels

The Disadvantages
We would love to say there are no disadvantages to a four-day work week, however we have to be realistic.
• The excitement might wear off – The luxury of having an extra day at the weekend may become an entitlement to some, and their productivity may not be as high as a result.
• Problems for employers – Some jobs cannot be squeezed into four days rather than five. This makes it difficult for employers, as it might not be a possibility for certain lines of work.

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