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Blog / Is a Coworking Space Right For You?

Several professionals across the workforce have started having the opportunity to work from virtually anywhere. This has led workers to either choose between working from home or out of a coworking space. Each option has its own set of pros and cons, so before you make a decision, keep in mind which setup would work best for you.

Working remotely gets rid of stressful commutes, which can eat away at time spent getting work done. Working from home can also help boost productivity and improve your work-life balance, all while cutting costs that otherwise would go towards renting an office space.

Still, remote working lacks some of the perks one gets from being in an office, such as access to a meeting space, a lack of collaboration and increased distractions that can occur at home (chores, kids, pets, etc.)

If you are not yet ready to commit to a traditional office space, coworking offers a cost-effective solution, while providing the benefits of being surrounded by like-minded professionals. 

Coworking also opens up the possibility of making new connections that can help you generate new business.

While coworking is great for networking, it can also be distracting as several of these spaces have open floor plans. Additionally, although coworking is still cheaper than leasing out a traditional office space, it still requires rent payments.

Overall, when considering the best work environment for your work style, it is important to consider what would be most beneficial to your productivity, socialization and costs.



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