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Blog / 3 Ways Serviced Offices & Flexible Workspaces Help Keep IT Stress Free

Working for yourself has many benefits, you’re your own boss, you choose your working hours and where you work. But it has its disadvantages too one of which being you have to fix things when they go wrong. Anyone who’s ever had an IT problem knows it’s not always as simple as switching it off and then turning it back on again!

3 Ways Serviced Offices & Flexible Workspaces Can Help Keep IT Stress Free

This is where serviced offices and flexible workspaces come in to their own. Moving to a serviced office space or a flexible workspace means everything is usually set up ready without the down time that is often associated with setting up IT in a traditional office environment.

  1. High speed Broadband Most serviced offices offer high speed internet services allowing you to get the fastest connection possible.
  2. IT Support Dedicated IT support, invaluable when running your own small business.
  3. Dedicated VoIP Phone Easy to use and your very own dedicated VoIP telephones.

(A VoIP phone or IP phone uses voice over IP technologies for placing and transmitting telephone calls over an IP network, such as the Internet, instead of the traditional public switched telephone network) Source: Wikipedia

IT Support at The Watermark

Choosing flexible workspaces or serviced offices at The Watermark means you can concentrate on running your business safe in the knowledge you’ve got any IT issues covered.

Our packages include:

  • Wifi
  • High speed broadband
  • Dedicated telephone (Voip phone)
  • CCTV Security

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