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Blog / Unity Hi Fi launches with the RIAA Phono Pre Amplifier

Unity Hifi was born from a genuine love of music. Not just the form itself but also from the experience of hearing a faithful reproduction, the perfections and the imperfections that are seldom captured and presented as intended in an increasingly digital era. At Unity, our philosophy is to preserve that pleasure, to embrace the technologies of yesteryear yet pair them with our experience, both as engineers and innovators.

For a long time, I, (Mark), have wished to channel my expertise into an endeavour close to my heart.  I am an electronics engineer of over 25 years experience and for some time now have had the desire to unite my hobby with my profession.

So that we can create a piece of equipment that reproduces all the purity and presence to an absolute audiophile quality, yet is driven with the precision and efficiency of engineered design, and styled to suit, both audibly and visually.



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