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Blog / The Watermark’s own Chris Mason raises money for Rosemere

Companies in The Watermark support Chris Mason of Creative Spinach by getting his name dragged through the mud in aid of Rosemere Cancer Foundation.

“Covered in mud from head to-toe I battled through an assault course set up by royal marines 10km of mud, rivers, mud, 12ft walls, mud, pipes, mud, crawl space, cargo nets, mud, rope swings and oh yeah… more mud. The experience was great, we got round in about 2hours, but nothing could of prepared me for pain my body felt for the follow week!

Having had my grandma loose the fight against liver cancer and recently had somebody close start a fight with cancer, I wanted to do a bit of fighting back! So I chose to support the Rosemere Cancer Foundation because of the great work they do in our local area, they work closely with the local hospitals and care homes providing not only care and treatment for cancer patients but also state of the art equipment to help with the fight!

In total we managed to raise £465… which isn’t too shabby at all! Now that money will go hard to work supplying new equipment, treatment and care for cancer patients across Lancashire!”

Thanks you all,



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