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Multi-Faith Rooms

by Wrkspace

For the times you need to pray, need room to meditate or want space for contemplation, our private, lockable Multi-Faith Rooms are here. Serene, unadorned and private, we welcome people of all faiths and religious beliefs to enjoy some time here.

Available to all Wrkspace tenants, there is no cost to use the space and no need to book. Suitable for solo or group prayer, as well as meditation and quiet reflection, the Mutli-Faith Rooms are a huge part of our commitment to the wellness of our business community.

  • Private & lockable
  • Quiet & peaceful
  • multi-faith rooms
Multi-faith rooms available at the following locations Multi-Faith Rooms Derby House Multi-Faith Rooms Old Docks House Multi-Faith Rooms The Watermark Multi-Faith Rooms Hamill House Call for a Wrkspace tour - 0333 344 8005