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Blog / Has the pandemic changed the quality of life for the UK’s workforce?

Through forced changes to the way we work, the restrictions put in place by the government to contain the spread of coronavirus has suddenly caused many people to radically re-think the impact that work is having on their lives. As work and home have become one for many people, quality of life, both at home and work has become more of a concern.

quality of life

Whilst the interruption has been difficult for businesses and workers to become accustomed to, and despite the inconvenience of tiered restrictions and sudden lockdowns, increasingly, the successes are becoming more and more apparent.

A Change In Attitude

One of the main reasons that we’re all able to adapt so quickly is down to a change in attitude towards productivity from all involved.

As a society, our attitude towards productivity has been stretched to lengths that have been unmanageable for a long period of time. Now, in a time where going ‘over and above’ is impractical, people are expecting it less and less.

The change started at an end-user level. With clients and customers being more understanding of the pressure that businesses are under their demands have become less urgent where feasible and the knock-on effect has been unanimously positive.

Surprising Successes

An environment where managers and business owners have less control of productivity may seem like a recipe for disaster. The reality is that this hasn’t always been the case.

By working with staff and workers to find creative solutions to the issues posed by the pandemic, many have found that productivity hasn’t dropped. In some cases, it’s even up!

This is because for too long the importance of wellness in the workplace has been undervalued. Where workers have adapted their routine to better suit their individual needs the result has had a positive impact on their success at work.

It was a change that needed to happen, the coronavirus served to expedite the process. Prioritising quality of life has been an unexpected but welcome outcome of the pandemic.

As for productivity, on the whole, the result has been better than could have been expected. And now, with vaccines being administered nationwide, it leads us to consider if we are changed for good.

The Future For Productivity 

With pressures reduced and expectations less immediate, all but a few will be pining for pre-pandemic commutes and assumed overtime.

quality of life

The way we do business has adapted for the better and the lessons learned will continue to resonate when the restrictions are lifted and a return to normalcy is possible.

For many businesses, planning and preparations are underway to maintain wellness in the workplace and avoid the ‘push for productivity’ pressure cooker. And in reality, the research shows that a focus on the quality of life for employees actually increases productivity.

The easiest way you can achieve this is to reduce the pressure on your business at the base level, which is something that W_RKSPACE can help you to achieve.

How We Can Help

At W_RKSPACE, we’re all set up ready for a modern approach to doing business.

Our state-of-the-art video conferencing suites, formal and informal meeting spaces and lightning fast internet and communication facilities will allow businesses to carry over the systems and support the technologies that have been working so well throughout lockdown.

These come as standard with our fully serviced offices, but are also available to any business that uses co-working.

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