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Blog / Flexi Offices – The New Normal For 2021

Will Flexi offices be the new normal for 2021? With the rollout of the vaccine for Covid-19 underway, many business owners are starting to think about a return to the office.  

But that doesn’t necessarily mean going back to how things used to be before the pandemic.

Whilst the restrictions that forced many to work from home may be in the process of being lifted, the appetite to return to the office full-time is much less than you might expect.

Mix It Up With Flexi Offices

Flexi offices

A recent study from Slack, one of the most popular tools used by teams, has shown that 72% of people now favour a mix of remote and office working.

Before you go handing out laptops and moving meetings to Zoom, it’s important to understand that there’s more to this new hybrid approach than quick fixes.

It’s about changing to a new way of working

And for those companies that invest in a long-term strategy the benefits will be improved worker productivity and satisfaction.

One such solution, particularly for those businesses that will no longer require a large office are flexi offices.

As the name would suggest, it’s a more flexible office space that makes use of hot desks for those workers that divide their time between remote and office working with enough resources for core staff and those that can’t (or don’t want to) work remotely.

Wrkspace Flexi Offices

flexi offices

At Wrkspace, our flexi offices have everything you need to operate a ‘hub’ for your business including high-speed broadband, mail handling and VOIP telephony.

To adapt to the new way of working, we’ve created more meeting space (both formal and informal) to make communication between your teams even more accessible.

Furthermore, all of our flexi offices are fully furnished with short-term leases available to make your transition as risk free and easy to migrate as possible.

Book a tour at the centre at any of our prestigious centres now by calling 0333 344 8005.



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