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Blog / The Rise And Rise Of The Internet Cafe

Wherever you go in the world you will find an internet cafe. Many people use them whilst travelling to access their webmail and instant messaging to keep in touch with family and friends. In many developing countries an internet cafe is the primary form of Internet access for citizens. This is because a shared-access model is more affordable than personal ownership of equipment and/or software.

An internet cafe was and still is the preferred working place for many freelancers and entrepreneurs.

internet cafe

Benefits Of Working From An Internet Cafe

No Equipment Hassle

This means no equipment to lug around or maintenance. For some people, regular visits to an internet cafe are cheaper than maintaining a home computer. Cybercafes offer all of the computer, software, hardware and internet connection that you need.

Low Cost

The cost of Internet at cyber cafes is relatively low and varies between countries. Most places charge hourly, though some offer a one-time purchase fee. If you are traveling, purchasing an hour at an Internet café is significantly cheaper than paying for a monthly satellite fee. As Wi-Fi grows in abundance, more businesses are offering free Internet access to attract customers.


Internet café’s allow you to work from different locations (best suited to your schedule). They also provide a separate workplace to allow separation from work and home, and sometimes a much-needed change of scenery.

Evolution Of The Internet Cafe

In 2005 an intrepid entrepreneur named Brad Neuberg came up with the idea of creating an internet cafe which was focused on business. He coined the term coworking, created the first coworking space and coworking as we know it today was born.

You can find out more about the birth of coworking here…


Coworking spaces utilise the principals of an internet cafe but blend them with a collaborative working environment. You’re more likely to see entrepreneurs working side by side and sharing ideas in a coworking space. Whilst you will find lots of people huddled over computers wearing headphones in an internet cafe.

internet cafe
Coworking Space @ Old Docks House

Coworking spaces are a type of workplace where likeminded people share the same work environment, creating a community.

The trend for using coworking spaces is ever increasing as more and more people have moved from working in a corporate office to more flexible space.

Co Working Has Lots Of Benefits For Business People

  • More networking opportunity. One of the biggest benefits of a co-working space is the opportunity to connect with other individuals
  • Increased productivity
  • Boost in creativity
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Greater flexibility

Internet cafe, coworking space, hotdesk or Sometimes we all just need a different environment from which to work, connect and thrive!

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