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Virtual tours have been allowing us to explore locations and workspaces without having to be physically present for many years. Now more than ever we’re taking advantage of this 360-degree feature to offer workspace tours from the safety and comfort of homes.

Covid restrictions and stay at home orders are encouraging business owners and office workers to turn to laptops and tablets in a digital search for work spaces. Digital experiences such as 360 degree videos, panoramic images and interactive 3D walk-throughs are helping people to get a feel for a new workspace before visiting in person, or even signing up on the spot.

What are virtual tours?

Virtual tours are a 360° image of a particular location. It includes a sequence of videos or still images, so people can view an entire area without having to be physically present. The tours created by W_rkspace include navigation arrows and zoom options to allow a walk through experience for the viewer. Key areas are labelled for distinction and to act as a guide around the buildings. Virtual reality mode is also an option for those with the required technology. During the pandemic it is a great way to tour the space, for those isolating or working from home, as well as for people who can’t view due to travel restrictions.

Benefits of virtual tours

  • Time saving- travel and tour time
  • Cut travel costs
  • Increase website traffic
  • Stand out with the modern, helpful experience
  • Many viewings can happen at the same time rather than have to arrange physical time slots
  • “Picture tells more than a thousand words”

The Virtual Experience

It’s been recorded that there has been a 75% increase in businesses offering virtual office tours, providing a 360 view of the space “that enables prospective tenants to have a fully immersive experience”.

Some of these are carried out with a smartphone or tablet and a Zoom meeting, enabling the operator to walk around the space and talk to the client as if they were there in-person.

Tours like this help prospective clients and members explore and connect with the space, and importantly, helps people feel more confident about using or returning to a workspace during the pandemic.

Face to face meetings, in-person viewings and tours can never be replaced, however virtual tours are great for companies and people who are abroad or in other cities and who are looking for office space in new locations. Virtual tours are a big help during the pandemic to allow clients to feel safe and add simplicity to the tour process. We’re certain that both virtual and physical tours will work well together during and post Covid to offer whatever best suits our clients.



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