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Will it ever be the same? Here’s why we think office life won’t be a thing of the past:

Research suggests that businesses that permanently work from home post Covid-19 crisis will notice a decrease in productivity and revenue. This is due to the lack of innovation caused by less team interaction. Regular team meetings and collaborations are vital in producing high-quality creative ideas, and to bounce ideas off each other. Challenge and communication within the workplace are vital to produce questions and answers that a singular person at home may not consider. Without offices or collaborative working spaces to accommodate these meetings, team morale is likely to fall and therefore so is innovation.

Some households will not be suitable for homeworking

Working remotely may be okay for a short period of time, however, there are numerous reasons why as a long-term approach this is unsustainable:

  • Not having suitable and supportive office furniture.
  • Having no private space to make important conference calls.
  • Having a poor internet connection that inhibits the ability to work fluidly.
  • The many distractions that working at home can bring (partners, children, Television). There are no hard lines between home and work life.

Without offices it will be difficult to supervise and support employees.

For many employees, offices provide rich learning experiences and colleagues are always there to give a helping hand. Employees can learn from each other, ask questions, and train for positions, at home this help and education is not always so readily available. Without instant support and help from colleagues, this could lead to a lack of motivation and increased frustration amongst some team members.

Offices can promote positive mental health.

One of the biggest threats to employees working from home is the increase of social isolation. Many people will be used to working in the hustle and bustle of an office, conversing with colleagues and working collaboratively, being withdrawn from this may impact some individuals’ mental health negatively which will ultimately effect the work they produce. If remote working is necessary for a short period, employers should make a proactive effort in ensuring team members feel connected with one another, this could include regular video meetings and phone calls (work-related and well-being related). Monitoring health and well-being of employees could become challenging without offices.

office life

Hybrid workstyle

Many businesses both large and small are changing the way they and their employees work. For example Google has announced that the majority of it’s employees will continue to work from home until 2021 and some permanently. This is both due to safety in uncertain times, financial overhead benefits of working from home, and some employees prefer the comfort of working from their homes.

Some are choosing a hybrid workstyle of blending both office life and home office lifestyles. Whether you want to reap the benefits of an office environment, the comfort of your home, or merge the two we’ve got you sorted! We have beautiful office spaces at multiple sites located in Preston and Bolton. These boast modern workspaces, spacious communal areas and a variety of onsite facilities- including that much-needed coffee machine!

What we love about office spaces:

What we love about virtual offices:

  • Use our professional address
  • Mail handling
  • Virtual receptionist (handle calls)
  • Comfort of working from home whilst maintaining a professional business image
  • Ideal for those currently most at risk that need to stay home during the pandemic
  • Perfect for small or start-up businesses
  • Eco friendly

Whatever work-style suits you, offices are not now, nor will be a thing of the past!



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