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Blog / Shifting Cultural Attitude is Changing the Workplace

In the past few decades, workplaces have evolved to become less about meeting deadlines and more about inspiring creativity and collaboration. Now, a shift in cultural attitude is changing the workplace.

Work-life balance

This shift has coincided with changing cultural attitudes as well. Now more than ever, today’s workforce values work-life balance, inclusivity, wellness and sustainability which has led organizations to rethink their office design. 

Creating a progressive workplace starts with focusing on adaptability. Companies are now looking to create workspaces that are easily adaptable to new technologies, job functions and business models that may not be in place yet.

Flexible Working

Organizations are also changing the workplace by trying more flexibility in their spaces. This goes beyond desk arrangements and collaboration spaces — it means offering a space that can be easily reconfigured and caters to all workstyles.

Data and analytics are also playing a big role in workplace design. These observations have allowed companies to have a better understanding of how their workspaces are being used and how to fully optimize them.

Changing The Workplace 

“It’s becoming less about efficiency and more about effectiveness,” said Colin Macgadie, the chief creative officer at workplace strategy and interior design consultancy BDG. “It’s not about density, it’s about whether a space performing a certain task really well.”

Health & Wellness

Furthermore, health and wellness have become of the highest value in the workplace, leading companies to include perks to keep their workers happy and healthy. For example, adding natural elements and light has been proven to create a physically and mentally healthier work environment so many companies have pivoted to including them in their design.



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