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Blog / Why Enterprises Have Jumped on the Coworking Train

A coworking space is no longer reserved just for startups and entrepreneurs. Now, some of the world’s biggest enterprises are having a go at these offices. So why exactly have these large companies started opting for flexible offerings?

Capital expenditure (CAPEX) costs include fixed assets such as the purchase of office space, furnishings, plumbing, HVAC and more. On the other hand, operational expenditures (OPEX) are the costs needed to maintain assets, cater to daily needs, utility bills and salaries paid to staff. Both of these costs are largely minimized by utilizing coworking spaces, which typically come with a all-inclusive monthly payment and fully-furnished workspaces.

Additionally, a coworking space offers a sense of community not seen at traditional offices. Companies are given the opportunity to collaborate and network with professionals from various industries that they may not have in other circumstances. Many coworking spaces host upskill and knowledge-related events that create an inclusive environment for all. Lastly, most coworking spaces offer 24/7 access, as well as other amenities like relaxation rooms that allow employees to create their own schedules and unwind between meetings.



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