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Our office move checklist will make sure your move is stress-free.

You’ve signed on the dotted line and got yourself a new space to work.  So, now it’s time to pack up and move out,  you’ll need an office move checklist.

Set up a team.

Making the move involves lots of different tasks, as you will see below. Whether your business is big or small its a good idea to define who is responsible for what. You can

  • Filing and archiving of paperwork so that it’s easily accessible.
  • Implementing a system which can easily be transferred to your new space.
  • Purchasing suitable boxes for transport or storage purposes.
  • Office equipment
  • Monitors, Keyboards and mice. It’s a good idea to label everything so you know which part belongs to which member of staff.
  • Desk contents. Each member of staff needs a box to move all of their stationery, papers and favourite cup.
  • Telephones, again you’ll want to label them so you know which handset is for each workstation.


  • Desks and chairs
  • If you’re moving from one serviced office to another then you won’t need to worry about transporting any furniture. You’ll just need to make sure that there are the right amount of stations.
  • Moving from un-serviced to another un-serviced you will need to arrange a removals company.
  • Changing from un-serviced to serviced offices will mean you will have some furniture to dispose of. Consider donating to a local charity or speaking with your landlord.
  • Filing cabinets and decor
  • Consider your new space and what you will have room for.
  • If you’re downsizing you may need to consider storing some of your archived paperwork.
  • Upsizing? You might want to purchase some new furniture or artwork.


You’ll need to check that your new office has all of the IT facilities that you need.

  • IT
  • Powerpoints
  • Wi-fi
  • Floor boxes/data points
  • Printers
  • Servers
  • Cabling
  • Service and support

Once you’ve transported all of your IT equipment you’ll need to make sure it can be set up as quickly as possible.

  • Installation
  • Computers
  • Telephones
  • Cables
  • Printers
  • Servers and networks

Once they are all set up, make sure you test them.

Let everybody know.

You will need to make sure that you notify everybody about your move.

  • Change of address notifications
  • Customers
  • Bank, Inland Revenue and insurance company
  • Companies House
  • Utility providers – they will need to know a few weeks prior
  • Suppliers – you don’t want your stationery supplies delivered to your old address
  • Mail – Notify the post office and get your mail redirected
  • Change your contact details on your website
  • Update your digital listings on any directories and Google My Business

Do everything in good time.

Some things need to be done in advance, whilst others can only be done on the day. Get your timing right for a smooth transition.

  • 8 weeks before
    • Measure up your new office
    • Book removals firm
    • Delegate tasks to your moving team
    • Speak with your current and new landlord about access for your move
  • 4 weeks before
    • Arrange storage for any paperwork you don’t need in the office
    • Organise the changeover with utilities, phone provider and insurance
    • Notify the local council to organise business rates
  • 2 weeks before
    • Install broadband and phone lines (Hamill House will do this for you)
    • Create a seating plan for your workstations
    • Set up mail forwarding ready for the move date
    • Order boxes for packing the various items
    • Label phones and IT equipment
    • Organise change of address notifications for customers and suppliers
  • 1 week before
    • Arrange for utilities, water and drinks facilities to be ready (Old Docks House provide these at no extra cost)
    • Organise access cards or keys for all staff
    • Install any cabling or IT equipment
    • Furniture and equipment to be delivered and set-up. You won’t need to do this in a furnished office.
    • Send change of address notification to all business contacts
    • Organise a final clean of your previous office
    • Moving day
    • Set-up and test all IT and communications systems
    • Arrange office decor and organise each workstation
    • Update your digital contact details
    • Remove all of the moving boxes and any excess furniture or equipment
    • Make yourselves a well-earned cuppa and get to work. (Hamill House has fully equipped kitchens with tea and coffee included)

Making it easy

office move checklist

Nothing could be easier than a move into a serviced office at Hamill House. Your top of the range office furniture, desks and chairs are all included.

We provide business-grade high-speed wifi and IT infrastructure, including phone lines and handsets as standard.

All utilities are included in your monthly rate and there are no hidden extras for cleaning or kitchen facilities.

Our friendly reception team will provide you with access fobs and keys and any codes. They will also show you around the kitchens, bathrooms, meeting room and coworking space.

We pride ourselves on top-class service, which will make your move to Hamill House simple and stress-free.

Just print out our handy office move checklist and you’re good to go!

To find out more get in touch with our friendly staff.



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