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Blog / Using A Virtual Office As Your Company Address

If you’re thinking of starting up a business, or you already operate a small business you will need to register your company address.

Many business owners would rather not register their home address. Preferring to keep their business and home affairs separate. However, most start-ups don’t have the immediate funds required to rent an office.

company address

So, here’s the quandary.

In order to register a business with companies house, you need to provide them with a fixed company address.


You don’t want to register your home address, and you don’t have the need for a dedicated office.

This is where Virtual Office services are a perfect choice.

There are many valuable services that a virtual office provides aside from just your registered company address.

A Permanently manned office. Our offices are open during normal office hours. Which means our staff are available Monday to Friday from 9 am until 5 pm. We will receive any deliveries or documents from royal mail, via courier or from customers. This means that although you are out with clients you won’t miss any important deliveries.

 A local landline telephone number. You can provide your customers with a local number which they can contact. We provide call forwarding and message services which mean you will never miss a call.

A professional fixed address. Keeping the same permanent address can save your business money whilst allowing you to be flexible. Many service-led businesses require the ability to travel. You may also need to move into new areas as you expand or diversify. A virtual address will allow you to move home or rent an additional property without changing the address.

company address

The Right Image.

Customer Confidence. When a Customer visits your website, they want to see an address. Many users will be put off by a P.O. Box number or somewhere that looks residential. A virtual office allows you to present a real business address for your customers. This can be used on your website, emails, correspondence and social accounts. Nobody wants customers to google their address and find a housing estate or industrial unit. A virtual address at Old Docks House will provide you with a prestigious address in a business area.

Privacy. A virtual office address allows you to keep your home address private. Many businesses operate from home, especially in their infancy. This is for many different reasons. From cutting down on running costs to solo entrepreneurs who simply don’t need an office. However, without a virtual address, it would also mean giving customers your home address. Not many people would want customers turning up at their home!


Save money. As a business owner running costs are always at the forefront of your mind. This can make or break your business. With 30% of businesses failing in their first year it’s important to get things right. A virtual office will keep your running costs low whilst presenting the right impression to your customers.

company address

Using a virtual office as your company address is much more than a mail forwarding service.

It allows you to present a professional and trusted image to your customer. A permanent address to receive mail and payments to and a reliable telephone number for customer calls.

To find out more about our virtual offices can help you don’t hesitate to contact us.

W_RKSPACE also provide outstanding services in coworking space and serviced offices.

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