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Wrkspace is a dynamic company that provides office space. A vibrant creative hub to tenants and freelancers who would like to rent desk space or virtual office space for ‘businesses that are really going places’.


Wrkspace has many different locations that companies, start-ups and freelancers can occupy.

One of their thriving locations is the Old Docks House in Preston, with only 20% of their office suites remaining.

The Old Docks House has a huge amount of history. It first opened in 1936 as the official headquarters for Preston Dock, but then closed in 1981.

Since then, the building has had a few tenants but has primarily been vacant. Wrkspace took on the property in 2018, and it has since been fully and lovingly renovated. Restored as the art deco masterpiece which still holds the charm it possessed in 1936. Small details of the original building have been kept, as this history adds to the human element of the building and brings the atmosphere alive.

Wrkspace offers first-class services.

Such as virtual office space, which gives entrepreneurs access to many services.

  • A prestigious business address.
  • Landline phone number.
  • Postal services.
  • Front desk team support.

This is the perfect solution for start-up companies or freelancers who need the support of a personal assistant/secretarial team.


A stand out meeting room.

Our boardroom with original wood panelling seats 14 and includes a 70” HD screen, fully integrated AV and video conference equipment. The tenants of the Old Docks House are granted full and free access for meetings, as well as all of the services that are provided for virtual offices.

Serviced offices are ideal for more established businesses.

With two floors of luxurious, fully furnished offices this is the ideal place to position your company. We provide all of the facilities and support you need while giving you room to grow.

In addition to your office suite, your company will have full access to the business lounge where you can grab a free coffee and chill out in the midst of creating your empire or use it as an informal workspace.

Free and secure parking is offered onsite for tenants, which is another feature of the company that makes tenants lives easier.


Coworking space.

As a working method, co-working is on the rise in popularity and efficiency. A freelancer or entrepreneur is able to rent a desk in our vibrant creative space and work independently alongside other driven individuals. As well as this, co-working membership means you have access to prestigious meeting rooms and free drinks facilities.

Last but nowhere near least; as a tenant of the Old Docks House, you will have neighbours working from all different industries.

This gives you the opportunity to network on a day to day basis and grow your understanding of different companies. Here at the Old Docks House, we also host regular networking events to increase the tenant’s range and circle. This includes a coffee morning on the last Friday of every month, which gives tenants a chance to meet their neighbours and network.

Creative hubs like the locations that Wrkspace offer are rising in popularity. Our centres meet our clients growing need for much more freedom in their work methods.

Old Docks House accommodates all types of people and their businesses and provides extra opportunities for growth, all for just a monthly fee.

For more information on services and offices that will help your company expand or get your business off the ground, email



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