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What is coworking, why is it so popular and how can it help your business?

“Coworking is a social gathering of a group of people who are still working independently, but who share values.”

what is coworking

An alternative to working from home, from the front seat of your car or in a private office, coworking is a popular solution.

In it’s simplest form coworking offers you a dedicated desk to use as a workspace. This will be in a shared environment which is usually more relaxed than a formal office. You will sign up for a membership which will allow you access to your desk space and the various facilities in the building. However, the benefits of coworking are far greater than just a desk and a chair.

The rise in popularity of coworking spaces can be attributed to a few key factors.

Try co-working at Preston’s most prestigious business address free for a week.

Furthermore, if you love it enough to sign up for six months, we’ll give you the rest of the month for free!

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Flexible contracts and low cost

This flexibility offers you the opportunity to take up month-to-month contracts with no hidden fees or bills. You may be a freelance writer or designer and only need desk space on specific times and days. Or, you might be a startup business eager to avoid hefty financial responsibilities whilst your business is new. Whatever your reasons, coworking is a low investment, low-risk option with many benefits.

Comfortable desk area with access to drinks and bathroom facilities

The benefit of a clean, professional space to work can never be underestimated. With none of the distractions that come from working from home, and plenty of space to work and think. You will have access to kitchen and bathroom facilities, and a good line in fresh coffee. Just arriving at your workspace will allow you to put on your ‘work hat’ and allow you to focus and make the most of your time.

what is coworking

Business grade wi-fi

Your coworking subscription will allow you to access high-speed wifi service. No more slow to load screens or endless waiting for downloads, this is a service which will keep you moving quickly. With top quality wi-fi, you will be able to conduct Skype communications and wi-fi calls at no extra cost.

Access to business services

Most coworking facilities will provide access to secretarial support, printing and postage. You will also be able to host informal meetings with clients and associates and invite guests to join you. If you’re looking to deliver a presentation or training event then many coworking spaces also have larger dedicated meeting rooms which you will be able to book.

Networking and business collaboration opportunities!

This is probably the biggest benefit of using a coworking facility. You will find yourself working shoulder to shoulder with like-minded individuals, and the opportunities this provides are endless.

Popular with start-ups, freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, writers and designers. Coworking is the first choice for many individuals who like to work in a productive environment, but don’t have a team of coworkers (yet).

what is coworking

At Old Docks House our coworking space is regularly used by our residents and hosts many different networking events. Our stylish space affords you the opportunity to network with the established businesses that call Old Docks House home.

If you think that a social way of working would be beneficial for you and your business then try it for a week completely free of charge. If you love it enough to sign up for six months, we’ll give you the rest of the month for free

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