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Blog / Lancashire’s Flag Flies High

Old Docks House Preston

The red rose of Lancashire flies proudly above Old Docks House Preston.

The Old Docks House Preston has made Lancashire’s flag an integral part of the building. The flag which flies proudly on the buildings iconic clock tower is certainly eye-catching.

With its red rose on a yellow background, the livery colour of the county. The design was registered with the Flag Institute in 2008. This design was adopted, as the previously recognised but unofficial red rose on white background had already been claimed. Not many people know that it had already been used by the Scottish town on Montrose.

Christian Lincoln, W_rkspace’s Commercial Director, said: “With the Old Dock’s House renaissance as Preston’s newest business centre, flying the flag reflects our pride in the county and recognises the building’s heritage.  At the centre of the county’s trade on one of the main routes into the city.”

The Old Docks House is part of the W_rkspace group of offices in the north-west of England.

Check out the gallery to see the amazing renovation work which has taken place in this beautiful 1930’s building.



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