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Blog / 5 Free Tools to Help Your Business Collaborate

Collaboration is great for helping your business to succeed and grow but did you know there are some free tools available? From great communication apps to organisation tools to help you keep on top of everything, there are plenty of choices that will suit your business needs.

5 Free Tools to Help Your Business Collaborate
Here are our top 5 free tools that can help your business collaborate:
  • Google Docs This free tool lets you share, edit and comment on documents. It’s great because you can all be working together on the document at the same time and best of all it automatically saves so you don’t need to worry about losing any of your work. It even let you look at the revision history so you can see what changes have been made and by who. What’s more, you can work from your phone, tablet, laptop or computer and even when you’re offline!
  • Slack This is a fantastic collaboration tool which has millions of users worldwide. The platform has mobile and desktop versions and allows you to send direct messages and files to individuals or groups. You can also use Slack for video calling which is great if you have a lot to discuss and don’t want to have to type it all out in a direct message. It’s compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.
  • Join Me Is a great, easy to use video conferencing tool for your small business. It has a free basic plan which includes screen sharing with VoIP calling for up to 10 people and email support. There is also the capability to share whiteboard presentations (although only on iOS devices) .
  • Dropbox This file sharing and collaboration tool has a free basic plan which gives you 2GB space. There are free apps you can download for your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. There is also the option to “earn” more space by referring friends, completing the getting started guide and contributing to the community forum.
  • Trello This tool uses a card-based system which gives you an easy to read overview of your workload and current projects. You can assign different users to cards simply by dragging their profile picture on to the card. Trello syncs with all your devices no matter where you are so collaborating with your team is easy even when you’re on the move.

Whether you’re collaborating with people in the same office or you’re all working from different locations make sure you check out these great free tools and decide which ones suit your business needs.

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