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Blog / Strategy: How to Make Your Small Business Look Bigger

How to make your small business look bigger. Why would you want to do this is the first place? If you are a start-up or been established for less than 3 years, here are a few reasons why you might want your small business look bigger:

  • Appear established
  • Build credibility
  • Exude trust

If you give connotations of appearing as larger business you remove the doubt in a potential customers mind. You will appear established which builds trust and credibility. (Please note this does not apply to all business types, dependant on your target market appearing small has it benefits too).

How to Make Your Small Business Look Bigger
How do I do this?

Here are a series of methods you can use to make your small business appear bigger:

Company Name

It all starts with your company name, does your name shout small company or big company? If you are unsure, conduct some research. This can include becoming a Limited company which has other personal and business benefits. It is not just as simple as changing your name. There are many ways you can transition a company name and re-brand whilst still retaining the loyalty of existing customers.

Becoming a Limited Company:

Virtual Receptionist & Business Address

Having administration staff can give the illusion you have a bigger company as does not using a residential address. Business addresses, call answering and mail receiving facilities are available to help you manage your business more easily and all communicate a better company image. One step further an you can obtain geographic and national phone numbers and addresses, it really depends what you want to project with your company image.

Digital Marketing

Ensure you are using a domain specific email address and not a Hotmail, Gmail or similar email address. Does your brand translate across all platforms from your website to social media and email marketing? Is your website mobile friendly? Can everyone access all the relevant information on your website or do you get many complaints about your website running slow? You are looking for a near perfect customer journey from first initial contact however they found you, though to speaking to you.

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