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Blog / 6 Benefits to Working in a Shared Office Space

There are many advantages and disadvantages to working in a shared office. The pros often outweigh the cons. If you are a business that has previously set-up at home, you are a contractor, start-up, you travel a lot or you currently work in isolation and shared office is definitely an option to consider.

The Watermark - Shared Office Space

What is Shared Office Space?

Shared office space is typically an open-plan office that is set-up with self-contained work stations. You usually have wi-fi, a telephone and access to other facilities such as a coffee machine and photocopying services. It is a flexible way of working with the option to upgrade at any time or hire other facilities such as meeting and conference rooms.

Shared office space is usually a good cost saving solution where you can have the prestige of a professional business address, phone number with support and facilities close to hand.

Here are our 6 key benefits to working in a shared office space:

  1. Flexibility Everything you need in one place, your desk, wifi, telephone and coffee on tap! Flexibility with limited commitment is a great option if you are a start-up, somewhere that is easy to travel to and has everything you need to get set-up in business including your very own phone number!
  2. Cost Shared office space can be hired by the hour, by the day, week or month. Which ever suits your business and business lifestyle.
  3. Growth As your business expands in size you can up-size easily whilst only paying for the space you use.
  4. Business Focus Working in a different location to your home means less distractions which can give you more business focus, making you more productive.
  5. Networking Working around others can create great networking opportunities to meet other business owners, learn about new services, make way for collaborations and partnerships.
  6. Shared Knowledge & Support You are all in the same boat, instead of struggling to achieve the same goals you can share knowledge and support each other while growing your business.



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