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Blog / AtmosFEAR! bring hellish horrors to Lisbon, Portugal

Deep in the heart of historic Lisbon, an ancient evil has awoken; a permanent home for the hellish horrors of the capital’s haunted past…


In the summer of 2012, AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment won a successful tender to develop, design and produce Portugal’s only permanent scare attraction.  The vision of our client, LBTE Entertainment, the attraction would be the first of its type in Portugal, capitalising on the huge tourism and native audiences who, following a feasibility study, were screaming out for an attraction which would both scare and entertain.

The creative team behind the project are no strangers to creating permanent scare attractions, having produced ‘The House of Fear’ in Greece, ‘The Sunken Village of the Damned’ in Cornwall, and ‘Manormortis’ in Lancashire, UK.

Following a site meeting in Lisbon, the initial idea for the attraction was to place it over two floors in a former car showroom, with an elaborate facade that would hint at the atmosphere of the environment inside the building.  Following closely the brief from the client, the development phase dictated that the attraction should be based on legends and lore of the capital city and its surrounding areas, but combined with plenty of artistic license to ensure the experience was dramatic and ultimately, frightening.


After two years of development and planning, following the owner’s vision – Ricardo Rodrigues – Labirinto Lisboa opened to the public in 2014, but shortly afterwards was the victim of a local fire, in a nearby building, which consumed the roof and caused considerable damage to the interior of the building.  The attraction was temporarily closed for refurbishment and opened once again in early 2015.

Labirinto Lisboa is now open throughout the year between Tuesday and Sunday each week.  Full details, including special events, offers and more can be found at

Labirinto Lisboa was developed, designed and produced by AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment, for details please visit



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